My name is Daniel Muñoz. I write about software development as well as my favorite tools, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, toys and other technology that I find interesting.

If you’re curious, this site is made up of static pages generated by Hugo. Those pages are staticaly hosted in Netlify. The site are deployed to Netlify with a simple git push. And, of course, the posts are written in Markdown.


The best way to reach me with questions or comments is on Twitter @daniel_munoz_

Thank you for reading. “Tor Dif smusma je” 🖖.

Latest posts

How to setup Laravel 5.3 with Vue.js 10 Nov 2016

Recently I've started using version 5.3 of Laravel for my upcoming projects. Also, a few months ago I discovered Vue.js and its integration in Laravel. I have made some research and after that, I decide to give it a try. It' really easy to setup a new Laravel project with Vue.js, just follow these steps.

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How to opt out of macOS beta software updates 29 Oct 2016

After two months suffering the macOS beta versions, I finally updated to the macOS Sierra official release. Then after two or three days Apple has started to release new macOS beta versions and the App Store app starts annoying me with notifications to update again to a beta version.

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Making phone calls in Swift 29 Sep 2016

For a recent client project, I had to implement the feature to make phone calls from the iOS app. I had never done this before and at the first moment, I wondered if was possible to do that on iOS due to the strong restrictions Apple usually sets on things like this.

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